What is Entry Test?

An Entry Test is a particular procedure for admission into a college/university for professional education by evaluating the following of a student:

About KIPS Entry Test Preparations


KIPS is known as a legendary institution for all kinds of Entry & Aptitude Test Preparation across the Country. The excellent results in entrance exams for Medical & Engineering Universities since 1999, have elevated KIPS to a name of trust & excellence. By the grace of Almighty Allah, KIPS enjoys the exquisite prestige of getting the largest number of students admitted into top ranking professional institutions each year.

It is all because of the diversity in teaching, training and preparatory methods including pedagogical techniques, innovative practice tools and academic material along with a team of committed professionals. Our team works efficiently, effectively and untiringly to update and upgrade these methods in complying with the ever-growing and rapidly changing demands of the tests. Moreover, thousands of students across Pakistan & a good lot of international students getting admission to their dream institutions every year, are an evidence of academic excellence at KIPS.